Flower Essence Combination to Ease Into Retirement

Back in the winter of 2023 I started waking up every morning at 3:00 am.  I thought about making a flower essence combination to ease into retirement, but the date kept getting moved forward.

I was going to retire from a 48-year career of jobs I absolutely loved. When you work in a fast-paced, constantly evolving career, with lots of fantastic co-workers and bosses it’s actually hard to retire . . . well at least for me.

As I was walking out to my bus with a friend one night I mentioned this strange 3:00 am awakening.  She asked if I knew why.  I thought a minute and mentioned I had lots of worrying thoughts, did I take care of this thing, is that reserved, have I done everything on my checklist, oh and the transition to Medicare and all of those plan choices.  My friend reminded me of the White Chestnut flower essence I had given her when she had a lot of worrying thoughts going round and round, and it released those worries.  Maybe I needed to pull that bottle out of my 80+ collection of flower essences.

Over my 20+ years of experiences with flower essences I’ve learned that reading the description doesn’t always get to the emotional root cause of what’s going on deep inside.  Emotions are to give us guidance and move through.  When they get stuck it’s as if we just aren’t getting the lesson.

So I pulled out my crystal pendulum.  I sat with what was bothering me.  I hold the crystal pendulum in my right hand.  I gently touch the top of each flower essence in my collection.  If it’s a YES the pendulum will move forward and back.  If it’s a NO the pendulum will move counter clockwise (or for the digital generations – around to the left).

And the three flower essences that said YES I WANT TO HELP were:

White Chestnut (Bach) – encourages a peaceful and calm mind when thoughts and worries go round and round in your head — well this wasn’t surprising

Walnut (Bach) – a valuable remedy for all life transitions and helps adapt to change — this wowed me because this was a major transition that I was going through

Centaury (Bach) – helps you take care of your own needs and assert yourself if you find it hard to say no to others — this really wowed me because I am always doing for everyone else at the expense of myself.  In fact, do I even know how to do for me first?

As I looked at these three flower essences, it was very clear to me that there was a strong theme.  It stood out and resonated with me.  I put some water in a small blue glass dropper bottle and added a couple of drops of each essence to the bottle.  My pendulum also said YES to 2 drops of the formula in my liter water bottle when I went to work and 2 drops in another liter of water when I got home.  I don’t remember how long I used this formula, but my sleeping improved, and at this point I don’t know where the bottle ended up.  This is always a great sign when you’ve released the emotions that were holding you back.  I can say all aspects of my move went extremely well and on time.  Everything around Medicare and all the parts worked out.  I’m finally settling into my new life and in a new city.

Looking forward to spending my time on my wellness business and working on my one-year rejuvenation plan that started on July 1st, 2023, while I explore my new surroundings.

Maybe it’s time for a new flower essence formula?  I do know my crystal pendulum now says NO to all three of the above flower essences.  Good news and time to move on.

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