Zinnia – The Flower Essence for Joy

When I talk to clients about their health goals many times it includes reconnecting to the joy they’ve lost along the way. In a culture that rewards workaholics and overachievers, no judgment I’ve definitely been in those categories, it comes at a cost to the soul. Perhaps what we are striving for is our soul purpose. If not, there may be a small voice calling out from deep inside saying . . .

“but there is something else that you are destined to do that would also make you so happy”

Some people get a flash or a dream but they don’t make the connection or they do make a possible connection but say “how would I make any money doing that?” Still others become over-serious and dull. They feel lost but don’t know why.

Many times emotions get stuck in the body and manifest as physical symptoms. Yes, trying everything to get your attention. When I found out that grief is held in the lungs and I have asthma, well CRAZY, huh!!!!

I recently retired from a 46-year career that I loved and brought me much joy. I felt a calling back to farmland, fresh markets, and a renewed sense of vitality. However, it was stressful when I moved 2,000 miles away.

As I walked through Central Market I always stopped at my favorite flower stand. At first because of a backup of people, but then I realized I was always standing by the Zinnia section of an abundance of flower choices. Plants, trees, and flowers, and for that matter birds, have always had some wisdom to share with me, but I have to get quiet to hear the message.

In this case I took home Zinnias every week. Some sat on my kitchen table and some on my desk. Once I took home some Dahlias – no conversation and they didn’t last long. Back to the Zinnias. While they come in many colors I was really drawn to the red ones. I’d look at them, study the pedals, and tell them how beautiful they were.

One day, as I’m working on the direction I want to take my wellness business in retirement I found myself playing with the Zinnia pedals.

OKAY Zinnia what do you have to tell me?

I looked up the positive qualities of Zinnia flower essence in my Flower Essence Society (FES) book.

WOW: childlike playfulness and curiosity, detached perspective of self, sense of humor! And they use the Zinnia elegans (red) to make their flower essence!

That was exactly what life was like during my three years in Boulder at the herb school. The plants were always communicating with me in the craziest ways. They made me laugh when I realized the lesson. The more I laughed the more lessons I received.

In fact, humor is a soul quality. Children are born with an innate capacity to laugh and play. It’s growing up and over-achieving that seems to suppress that quality.

Zinnia flower essence is a fantastic remedy to help the Self reconnect to our inner child.

I think my Zinnia flowers are reminding me to bring that soul quality into my business because it’s such a natural, authentic part of me, and that piece that so many people are searching for.

I don’t think it means to give up on what you are currently doing, but maybe step back and remember those times as a child when everything was magical and exciting. Then bring that joy back into your life in some way. If that’s not something you remember maybe sitting in the presence of some Zinnias or a couple drops of Zinnia flower essence is just what you need.

Zinnia flower essence helps us achieve a sense of healthy priorities.

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