Long Term Vitality

Your Health is Worth Everything

Awareness, Clarity, Rejuvenation

This 6-month program is perfect for someone who’s been struggling with a chronic problem for a long time.  You may have tried countless “remedies” or alternative treatments, and may have spent hundreds / thousands of dollars, but something is still not right.  Chronic problems tend to be layers deep on a physical level as well as an emotional, energetic, and spirit level.  They can also be soul crushing.

No matter what is going on physically or even years of emotional issues, a deep look from a holistic approach can gently layer off those problems bringing awareness, clarity, and a new sense of well-being.  Along the way as one issue resolves and you gain the strength, another more suppressed issue may arise.  We take them one at a time following your body wisdom.  Tracking your progress and ‘aHa’ moments becomes exciting.  Some of my clients notice that as they feel better on the inside their life on the outside starts to improve as well.  The more vibrant you become, the more exciting possibilities come your way!

Total Nourish and Rebuild


This program was inspired by my difficult time after a divorce.  I hadn’t realized how emotionally drained I’d become, nor how I’d lost myself along the way.  I also hear this from caregivers who have put years into caring for friends and/or relatives. 

We try so hard for others, or sometimes just to survive.  Just when life seems to fall apart what emerges is a whole new you — like a butterfly.  It’s time to nourish, transform, and renew yourself.  It’s time to reconnect to your soul purpose.  This can’t come from an empty cup.  As you build yourself up through small steps there is a reconnection to your deep inner knowing.  It’s very magical. 

This package addresses a different issue each month and includes email support. 

Developing chronic problems usually takes years.
Is it possible to turn them around in a few months?

What you’ll get:

• We always start with a 90-min Discovery Session so you know where you’ve been, how you got where you are, and where you want to go

• An individual wellness plan with custom recommendations for simple, step-by-step changes

• Herbal suggestions

• Custom flower essence blend, if needed

• Quantum Touch energy medicine

• Personalized recommendations for nutritional supplements

• Monthly in-depth sessions with me over as many months as we’re working together

• When you’ve had health issues for 6 months to years or decades, there are always layered problems. As we work with the issue that’s top priority, you’ll notice your body becoming stronger.

• As one issue is addressed, you’ll intuitively know what to work on next

• Email check-in between sessions

It often takes 10-20 years to burn out on all levels – and your body is wise and resilient. By taking small steps that build on each other, you can turn things around and become more healthy and vital!

The 6-month program is $310 and the 12-month program is $585. Flower essence included. Herbs and supplements are purchased separately.

“While at a weekend spa retreat, I realized how burned out I’d become.  It was time to revamp my life.  I loved the 6-month program. I bought a beautiful journal and with Wendy’s help started one month at a time redesigning me, utilizing herbs, nutrition, flower essences, and many other techniques.  I felt so empowered with the wisdom that surfaced from within me.”

– GP, Denver, CO

“Exhausted on so many levels, I didn’t know where to start.  I’d lost myself.  I just knew something had to change.  I started out with Wendy’s intake form and had so many revelations about myself. I knew this should be a slow and steady rebuild.  One revelation was that I needed nourishment on every level.  The 12-month program helped me slowly make the necessary changes that my body, mind, and spirit, even my soul was requesting.  Wendy and I followed the divine guidance I was receiving and I really appreciated the customized wellness plan and follow-ups.”

– HM, Edwards, CO

“It feels like I’m peeling back one layer after another. I can’t wait to find out what’s next. I must say, a more empowered me is really emerging!”

– BB, Park City, Utah

Let’s meet!

The beautiful thing about taking the step to schedule a consultation with me is that you’re making a commitment to yourself.  You’re saying, “hey, I’m worth a deeper look.”

There are always some simple ways to start on your wellness journey.  Over the last 20 years I’ve collected a whole lot of them. The plants and I, along with other modalities and my whole community of healers, are here for you. I look forward to talking with you soon.

My consultations are educational in nature and do not take the place of your primary care physician.
All clients must work with their physician regarding decreasing any medications in conjunction with improved health.