Root Cause Discovery

Does any of this sound familiar? 

You’ve had a chronic health issue for six months to years

…in my case it was over 18 years. Your health care provider has told you there isn’t anything wrong. Tests come back “normal,” or something abnormal showed up, but medication hasn’t helped. You may have spent hundreds to thousands of dollars without seeing much for it.

Maybe you’ve been researching, looking, asking around and trying all sorts of therapies. Deep down you know there’s got to be another way, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

If it’s been more than 6 months, you’re probably feeling tired and have low energy most of the time. You wonder if you’ll ever get relief.  The longer the problem(s) go on, the more other systems become involved and the more hopeless you feel.

You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.
You just want to feel better and have more energy,
but don’t know where to start.

We’ll start by looking deeper

Most of the time the answer is in a blind spot

The exciting thing I’ve discovered is that at some level you know exactly what’s going wrong. You just need someone to really listen to your story, ask the right questions, hold space for you and find the next steps to get you from where you are now to a more vibrant you.

Health issues are usually not caused by one thing. Emotions are always part of what’s happening. Have you said things to yourself like; “When will this ever end?” “I’m so exhausted trying to find a solution.”  “How will I ever get through this?”  It’s a cycle of physical pain or discomfort adding to emotional stress, adding to the health issue…and round and round it goes.


Because we focus on finding the root cause of your issues.  Often times this root cause is hidden by the more obvious symptoms you’ve spent all that energy trying to address.

Once you go from a low vibrational surviving to a higher vibrational thriving, you’ll be amazed at the vibrant changes that happen in your life almost automatically. As the inner changes you make radiate out, you attract more positive change in your outer world too. Vitality grows!

You’ll reconnect to the deep inner knowing that’s always been there. The medicinal plants will support you physically and emotionally along the way.

What you’ll get in your Discovery Session

A comprehensive, holistic review of your health history. You’ll see the big picture of where you are and what you’ve tried that did or didn’t help. There’s always a lot to learn here.

A strategic, customized plan to support you in moving forward and returning to a state of vibrant health and well-being. This might involve; herbs, flower essences, energy medicine, lifestyle and dietary shifts, new recipes and so much more. 

Guidance, education, motivation, and inspiration from me as you implement your customized plan. Making the recommended changes is a commitment to yourself and you’re worth it. Small steps bring consistent improvement.

Support and insights from all my tools and the stunningly intelligent plant world. I’ve seen so many amazing things happen, I like to use the word “magical.” And I learn as much from you, as you do from me.

Your Discovery Session brings awareness, clarity and new direction.

You’ll get a roadmap from where you are to where you want to be ~ a more vibrant you.

The Big Picture

When I’m with you,  I zoom out from the symptoms that are so challenging to you and look at the whole view of your physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and nutritional world. I even include the environment around you looking for clues to what’s really going on. I’m looking for patterns and long-term results. I’ve found this holistic approach works better than focusing on one symptom or issue.

Schedule now

The beautiful thing about taking the step to schedule your Discovery Session with me is that you’re making a commitment to yourself.  You’re saying, “hey, I’m worth a deeper look.”

Initial DISCOVERY SESSION:  90 minutes/$90
Followup:  $1/minute (usually $30-$45)

It’s important to schedule at least one follow-up appointment at the time of the initial Discovery Session, usually 4-6 weeks later depending on what first steps are part of your wellness plan.

If you’ve had a chronic problem for a long time and depending on what we find during your Discovery Session, one of my longer term programs may be just the thing. Let’s get to know each other first, then what you need will be clear.

I look forward to talking with you soon.

“I loved Wendy’s intake form because I’d never looked at how my body works together, not only on a physical level, but that my emotions are so connected.  The Discovery Session session gave me a great wellness plan that I chose to work on one aspect for a couple months and then came back for 2 different follow-up visits.  We addressed something different each time.”

– AW, South Carolina

“I found Wendy’s website by mistake, but since I don’t believe in coincidences, I decided to set up a consultation.  Her intake form gave me a deep look at what was going on.  I received lots of information, herbal suggestions, a great tea blend, and came back again for a flower essence.  Very thorough.”

– HH, Virginia

“I have never been a big believer in herbal remedies [but] I saw Wendy at a time in my life when things were really hard.

She’s a fantastic listener as well as a great herbalist.”

– LL, Salt Lake City, Utah