Vibrational Healing 

for Your Pet

Love is a four-legged word

I’ve been passionate about animals my entire life.  As I was exploring the Quantum Touch healing method and read these words by Richard Gordon, they stopped me in my tracks.

“Working with animals can be a wondrous joy, since their love is so available and their affection is so generously given.  Our pets and other animals do not judge us for our age, weight, race, or lifestyle.  What’s more, they have no prejudices favoring Western allopathic medicine – they simply respond to love.”

Animals live in the moment, with unconditional love, and they have no judgments or skepticism. 

I wondered what would happen if I intentionally sent loving energy to an animal.  Synchronistically, a few days later I was attending a backyard gathering at a friend’s house.  There were a number of people and one of her chickens was running around clearly scared.  She picked up the chicken carefully and tried to calm it down.  I mentioned I’d never held a chicken before, but had been learning energy medicine and asked if it would it be okay to hold the chicken and send some loving energy. 

As I did this with the chicken, she not only calmed down but she turned her head the whole way around to look at who was doing this.  After 15 minutes or so she got restless so we carefully put her down on the ground and she flapped back to her chicken coop, where she settled in peacefully. And so my passion for healing work with animals began. 

For silly reasons we’ve left energetics out of our medicine.  When we ignore energy we miss 99 percent of reality.
Dr. James Oschman

This is one of the funniest experiences I’ve had with a dog

I was doing Quantum Touch on another family pet who was ill and the more hyper dog came over to see what was happening.  Next thing I knew,  she tried to move in to get some loving energy as well.  So I used one hand on the sick dog and the other hand on the more hyper dog.  At one point she looked at my hand and started sniffing it, as if to say “something is coming out of this hand but I don’t know what it is.”

As minutes passed she became calmer and calmer.  After 15 or 20 minutes she got up and walked over to her bed, laid down, and fell asleep. The owner was amazed.

I’ve also used flower essence combinations for many dogs and cats.  They absolutely love them and usually respond well within a few days.  I have you put about 4 drops in fresh water each day. The animals seem drawn to the vibrational frequency in the water and often stop by their water bowl with the flower essences throughout the day. It’s as if somehow they know it’s filled with emotional support.  Flower essences are a a gentle way to help them release whatever’s bothering them.

The other interesting part for the owner is the theme that emerges when I use my pendulum to help pick the flower essences to support the pet.  The humans start to understand what was bothering their animal, as the pet is releasing the issue.

“We just had been through some traumatic times in our home with our owner’s marriage breaking up. After a couple of moves the stress became unbearable. We started going to the bathroom inside the house. Our owner, thinking we had urinary tract infections, took us to the vet. The vet said we didn’t have a problem. But we most certainly did.

Wendy somehow knew what we were feeling and made a special flower essence combination for our transition, hopelessness, and emotional stress. Each morning we’d watch our owner get us a fresh bowl of water and add 4 drops of the essences. We didn’t know what was coming from that bottle, but within a couple days we stopped going to the bathroom inside and were feeling much more at peace in our new home. We knew that whatever was in that bottle made us feel better. One day I couldn’t stand it any more and I stuck my tongue out under the dropper to catch the drops. Boy did that make our owner laugh. She likes her custom blend too. We’re doing really well now!”

– Mindy and Clover, as told by their human

“I had panic attacks just thinking about going to the vet. I was a mass of claws and teeth. I growled so loudly the vet couldn’t even hear my heart with a stethoscope. Wendy suggested a flower essence combination for a week before I was scheduled for a visit.

By the time of my appointment I couldn’t even get up a good growl. The vet couldn’t believe I was a changed cat. Oh dear . . . I had a heart murmur that no one had ever been able to hear. Guess it’s good I got a grip and for the first time no blood was spilled!”

– Tasso As told by his owner, New Orleans

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Note: I often work with pets over the phone or Zoom. If you’re in the Salt Lake area, we can meet at a park with your dog, weather permitting. Usually Quantum Touch energy medicine sessions with animals go for about 20 minutes. 

My consultations are educational in nature and do not take the place of your primary care physician.
All clients must work with their physician regarding decreasing any medications in conjunction with improved health.