Choose Your Change

    I love how unique you are!

What do you need?

Not sure where to start? Baffled about what you even want? No problem. That’s my job. Have you looked over some of my offerings and think you’d like a little of this and a little of that? Great. Let’s talk! No matter what your health challenges are, I look forward to listening to you. Together we can come up with a plan and a package that’s just right for you.

Let’s have a conversation

…to meet each other and see what next steps might look like. You’ll tell me a bit about your situation and I’ll share more about my approach. I look forward to meeting you!

Here are a few of the conditions and symptoms I’ve worked with for 20 years:

General Health


Immune system
Seasonal allergies
Food allergies
Excess weight
Insulin resistance
Type II Diabetes
Cancer support
Respiratory system
Chronic sinus issues
Colds, flu, sore throat
Skin issues
Wound healing


Irritable bowel syndrome
GERD/acid reflux
Gas and bloating
Recovery from antibiotic use

Emotional Well Being

Mild depression
Panic attacks
Emotional aspects of illness
Emotional aspects of change
Emotional aspects of life
Feeling stuck

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Get the custom care you deserve

The Choose Your Change package includes:

• A 90-min Discovery Session to start

• Initial intake assessment to understand the root cause of your health challenges

• A diet diary to gather clues about what’s really going on

• Custom recommendations for simple, step-by-step changes

• Herbal suggestions

• Custom flower essence blend, if needed

• Personalized recommendations for nutritional supplements

• Support sessions with me 

• Email check-in between sessions

This is an extremely customized program so price will vary. Recommended herbs and supplements are purchased separately.

Every human being is the author of [their] own health or disease.
– Buddha

Let’s meet!

The beautiful thing about taking the step to schedule a consultation with me is that you’re making a commitment to yourself.  You’re saying, “hey, I’m worth a deeper look.”

There are always some simple ways to start on your wellness journey.  Over the last 20 years I’ve collected a whole lot of them. The plants and I, along with other modalities and my whole community of healers, are here for you. I look forward to talking with you soon.

My consultations are educational in nature and do not take the place of your primary care physician.
All clients must work with their physician regarding decreasing any medications in conjunction with improved health.

“I knew what I was doing wasn’t working so I decided to do the Discovery Session with Wendy. Once I went through the initial form and the symptom checklist, Wendy taught me how to make a nice tea blend.  I also picked some herbs to help me sleep and decided to track my evening habits. 

Between the digestive tea blend and some relaxing sleep herbs I began to feel better quickly. Then I plan to contact Wendy again to see what we can work on next.”

– JB, Utah

“I have never been a big believer in herbal remedies [but] I saw Wendy at a time in my life when things were really hard. She’s a fantastic listener as well as a great herbalist.”

– LL, Salt Lake City, Utah