Meet Wendy

Clinical Herbalist
flower essences
quantum touch



Trusted guide
on your journey
to vibrant health

Meet Wendy

Clinical Herbalist
flower essences
quantum touch



Trusted guide
on your journey
to vibrant health

Major Health Issues Brought Me to Natural Healing

I’m passionate about energy medicine and the power of plants! Let me tell you why.

After working in Western Medicine for 23 years and suffering with asthma for over 18 years, I was exhausted, depleted and feeling helpless and hopeless, not knowing what to do next. I’d seen so many medical and alternative practitioners, I’ve lost track. I took loads of medication and spent tens of thousands of hard-earned dollars during those 18 years, but no one even got close to finding the root cause of my asthma. One allergist even told me “get rid of your cats” and “oh, they’re your husband’s cats?, then get rid of your husband and hope he’ll take the cats with him.”  Seriously?!

I took my struggling lungs and moved from damp, cold New Hampshire to Colorado hoping it would help me breathe, but it didn’t. I was about to give up when I mentioned a digestive problem to a chiropractor and he referred me to a clinical herbalist.

I’d never heard of a clinical herbalist and had no idea my next steps would be life changing on every level.

With a load of skepticism and a bit of curiosity, I scheduled a consultation with a clinical herbalist. To prepare for my first session, she had me keep a diary of everything I ate for a few days (yikes!) Then, she spent a couple of hours with me going over every nitty-gritty aspect of my health history and my life from physical symptoms and rhythms to my emotions, looking for the source of my asthma. 

I went home with a 3-week wellness plan, new recipes, diet changes, a couple of herbal formulas (that tasted terrible), and more doubt than hope.

WHAT COULD DIGESTION POSSIBLY HAVE TO DO WITH ASTHMA?  Well, as it turned out, almost everything.

Fortunately, even though I was exhausted, I was also committed and willing.  I followed the plan I’d been given exactly and continued to track what I ate and drank to make sure I stayed on course.  I was amazed that in just three weeks my breathing improved dramatically! It was the start of a beautiful relationship . . . with plants!

I went back for a follow-up visit because I had to know more. And why hadn’t anyone else looked this deeply into my life?  The answers were in the questions I hadn’t known to ask, or maybe the questions I hadn’t wanted to ask. In any case, I’ll be forever grateful for the skilled support of that herbalist.

It all starts with an experienced guide, then awareness that leads to a reconnection to your inner knowing, your truth, your natural radiance.

Talk about life changing!

A few months later, my energy and vitality were back and I was on fire! I knew I’d found my soul’s calling. I’d been a plant lover since I was a child, but because plants had helped me so much, I knew I wanted to help others with them, so I packed up and moved to Boulder, Colorado, to attend the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies (now the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism).

The school was run by the amazing Feather Jones and Paul Bergner, and I was blessed to have an abundance of local and famous herbalists from all over the USA to teach me.  I couldn’t stop asking questions and soaking up this life-changing information.

My initial training included 1350 hours of comprehensive classes in herbal materia medica, herbal therapeutics, herbal pharmacy, clinical nutrition, flower essence therapy, aromatherapy, anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, understanding the process of modern illnesses, medication side-effects, the adverse effects of food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, and so much more.

By the end of the second year program, I’d learned that each client knows somewhere deep inside what’s wrong and where to start on their wellness journey. Still wanting more, I continued into a nine-month internship under the direction of Paul Bergner. This clinical experience taught me how important it is to look for the root cause of each client’s problem. “Symptoms” are the body’s way of communicating an imbalance and attempting to heal. If we constantly suppress these symptoms, we don’t get any further than that.

The Real Fix, Not the “Quick-Fix”

Now I know that if someone had just given me an herbal formula for my lungs, I would have needed to take it for the rest of my life.  It would have been a temporary way to deal with my symptoms, but wouldn’t have gotten to the root cause. By the way, did you know lungs hold grief?  Neither did I?  Yes, there were emotional issues there too and flower essences have been a gentle way to work through them.

After five years of clinical herbal practice, I passed the exam and in 2007 was accepted as a Professional Member of the American Herbalists Guild.

I learned to trust my intuition and love myself.  I reclaimed my health and you can too!

The Most Important Things I’ve Learned

Once I’d graduated and moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, I knew I wanted to keep helping people improve their health.  I found myself working in Western Medicine again and one of my greatest passions is helping health care workers and their support staff stay well so they can keep taking care of us.

I still love learning and over the years I’ve expanded my practice with many other modalities. I often wonder how I would have gotten through some of the trying times without all these herbs, flower essences, energy medicine, nutrition, and so many things I’ve found to soothe the soul and assist the body in doing what it does best — live vibrantly.

Now I know my lungs have always been my guide.  When they aren’t happy they have a message they want me to hear.  By tuning in and following my intuition, my life has changed for the better over and over again, and I’m not going back.

As many years as I’ve studied, what I keep learning is that nature is the wisest of all. I’m always in awe of the intelligence of plants and the intelligence of the human body. I’ve also learned to have conversations with the plants. One time they said “why do people expect us to do all the work?  If we just work together….”  Yes, let’s meet the plants half way. Who knows what amazing things are possible!

Nature is the best teacher and you can keep learning forever. I love that!

My Approach

Chronic problems can be challenging for many practitioners, but they’re my favorite.  In fact, I have so much fun helping people through the journey from a chronic health problem to vibrant wellness that it’s become my life’s passion.

I define a chronic health issue as one you’ve had for at least 6 months, or years, or decades.  It might have started out as one symptom and as you tried to handle it with over-the-counter medication, it got more intense and even expanded or moved to different organ systems.  That’s what happened with me.

It’s a Journey

Think of working with a chronic health problem like taking a trip across the country. There’s a starting point and an end point.  You pack the car with what you think you’ll need.  You have places along the way to visit. It’s an adventure that broadens your experiences and will change you for the better.  You’ll learn and become wiser. After all, that’s why you go on an adventure, right?  Otherwise, it’s the same old, same old.  Nothing wrong with staying home, but when it comes to chronic disease, it’s an adventure of many miles.

  • You have a starting point (your current state of health or illness). 
  • Some baggage. What you’ve got with you is your history, habits, everything you’ve already tried.
  • You know where you want to go, otherwise you’re just driving around with your GPS yelling at you.
  • You don’t know what will happen along the way.
  • You’ll see new things, expand your experiences, and realize you don’t need all that baggage. Let’s leave some of that behind. 
  • When you reach your destination there’s a feeling of exhilaration to be somewhere new.

In the end you’ll have a return to vitality that you thought was only possible in your younger decades. But equally exciting is that you’ll be so much more connected to the wisdom that’s been inside you all along.

Ready to get started on your journey to vibrant wellness?

Yes, I'm ready

I’m like one of the herbal formulas I love to put together

1 part clinical herbalist
1 part plant lover 
1 part flower essence practitioner
1 part lover of human anatomy & physiology
2 parts question asker
3 parts listener (which leads to more questions and answers)
2 parts detective (I always wanted to be one)
1 part Quantum Touch energy medicine practitioner
3 parts big-picture person

My purpose in this world is to be of service as your guide to wellness through plant intelligence, vibrational medicine, nutrition, healthy lifestyle and discovering the root cause of your health issues. 

“Wendy really listened…and applied her knowledge to create flower essences that moved me through my stuck emotional state.”

– Ginny W., Boulder, Colorado

“It feels like I’m peeling back one layer after another. I can’t wait to find out what’s next. I must say, a more empowered me is really emerging!”

– BB, Park City, Utah

“I have never been a big believer in herbal remedies [but] I saw Wendy at a time in my life when things were really hard. She’s a fantastic listener as well as a great herbalist.”

– LL, Salt Lake City, Utah