Happy 20th Anniversary to My Health and Future

Today I’m celebrating my 20th anniversary.  Twenty years ago today I boarded a bus in Hanover, New Hampshire, in front of the Hanover Inn overlooking the Dartmouth College green and headed to Boston.  I wasn’t going on vacation.  I was flying to Denver and moving to the Vail Valley, Colorado.  It was a 30 year dream of mine.  Every time I left and drove past East Vail on my way up the Vail pass tears would run down my face for some unknown reason.  Over those 30 years I realized the place had something to teach me, I just didn’t know how profound that would be for me and the countless people I now serve.

Backing up a few weeks, I was in mediation for my divorce and the mediator said, “Where do you see yourself in FIVE YEARS?  Wendy let’s start with you.”  No one likes that question!!  Out of my mouth came:

“I want to be the Creative Director of a wellness center.”  I had no idea where that came from.  An aHa moment from deep inside for sure.

So off to Vail I went, burned out on all levels, and frustrated that doctors had no real answers for my 16-year asthma history.  I left behind a fantastic job and a lot of supportive friends.  Ahead of me in a moving van was too much stuff and my car.  I did have an adorable furnished apartment in an house in Eagle-Vail and 11 job interviews!!  As I narrowed those jobs down to my top three, I kept hearing my soul say, “the Creative Director of a wellness center.”  So I picked the job at an amazing lodge, spa, and homeowners association.  The spa won awards and attracted lots of famous people.  I even ended up house and dog sitting for a handful of million dollar homes.  It was the start of understanding health, deep relaxation, and well-being.  It was also the beginning of my USANA Health Sciences nutrition business.  After two years I had met an amazing clinical herbalist who figured out the root cause of my asthma and I made major strides in breathing again.  The deep connection to Nature was so nourishing and healing on all levels.

After those two years I relocated to Boulder, Colorado and attended the original three-year herb school, the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies.  My three years in Boulder were beyond magical.

As I look back on those FIVE YEARS in Colorado, I ended up with my USANA business, I graduated as a Clinical Herbalist and flower essence practitioner.  I was, more or less, the Creative Director of my very own wellness center exactly FIVE YEARS LATER.  For the last 15 years I’ve been expanding that in Salt Lake City, Utah, while learning energy medicine and working in Western Medicine at the same time.

Nourish and Heal

So where is that “wellness center”?  I’ve been thinking all this time it needed to be on land.  However, looking back over the last 15 years, most of my customers and clients are not from Utah.  Some have been here for a year or to visit relatives, but eventually went back home.  In fact, four of them are living in different countries.  WOW I must be International!!  Most of them found me, as I say, by way of “the Magic Computer in the Sky.”  Yes the Universe connects the people who need you, and even the people you need to learn from.

So this blog post is coming to you from my brand new and very fast laptop.  For now my new laptop is the Wellness Center.  Some day I would love to partner with someone who has the land and a lot of other ideas that fly around my head.  Considering I’m just over two years from retirement in my hospital job, it’s time to put it out to the Universe that over the next two years my new position as Creative Director of my wellness center becomes my full-time job.

As the sign says, Do What You Love!!  That is exactly what I’ve been doing for the last 42 years in Western Medicine, 2 years at the spa, 17 years in my herbal, flower essence, and nutrition business, and 8 years in energy medicine.

My passion is meeting people where they are on their health journey and helping them get closer to where they want to be, hopefully a state of vibrant health.  Lately even helping caregivers, because they get burned out too taking care of loved ones.

Today I celebrate 20 years of taking back my power, so much amazing knowledge, improved asthma even in the smoky Western air we are breathing this summer, and an entirely different holistic approach to wellness.  An approach in which we understand what our symptoms are saying and take even baby steps forward toward taking back our wellness power!!

It’s hard to believe it all started from the safe space,
created by a mediator,
so my soul could speak out!

What is your soul crying out to say?

I’m claiming mine on this powerful astrological day of 8/8/2018.

Wendy L Warner
Creative Director
My Wellness Center (name to be determined by the Universe!!)

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