Caring for
the Caregiver

You can only give what you’ve got

Being a caregiver can take a toll on you physically, mentally, and emotionally, whether it’s in person at home, visiting a loved one at assisted living, long-term care facilities or supporting from thousands of miles away.

Whatever kind of care you’ve been giving, it’s very common to feel tired and emotionally stressed.  It’s hard to see someone who was the rock of the family suddenly or over time decline and become frail.  If you’ve stepped up to help, the demands can be exhausting. You may find yourself lacking energy, unable to get the sleep you need, anxious, emotionally drained, and wishing you had a caregiver just for you.

I’ve been in the role of long-distance caregiver for many years at a time, with multiple family members and I know how taxing it is.  To call every evening to touch base, sort out medical questions, try to help with finances, or be a good listener for those subtle signs that something else needs attention, takes a lot of time and energy.  All the while being a cheery voice to raise their spirits, sending cards and packages, and flying in for visits. It’s a lot. I often hear comments like; “I gave so much to them that I lost myself.”

At one point, when I’d been doing long-distance care for my mother for many months, it occurred to me that I needed more time to take care of me.  An intuitive hunch led me to play “nobody home” over a weekend and I spent that time raising my own spirits.  It was a wonderful experience and I felt I had so much more to give in my usual evening call to mom.

That’s what led me to design this Caring for the Caregiver Package for you.

How do you know when you need this?

Simple. Someone in your life is relying on you in a big way and you’re simply exhausted.

If you relate to any of this, consider a custom rejuvenation plan for your body, mind and soul. You deserve the best self care. No guilt involved.  You’ll feel rejuvenated and also have more to give.  You may even learn some things that will help those you’re caring for.

Who is this for?

• Family caregivers
• Parents of young children
• Healthcare workers of all kinds

What you’ll get:

• A compassionate, listening ear. Always.

• A 90-minute rejuvenation consultation to start

• Soothing energy medicine while you talk and I listen

• A customized rejuvenation plan

• A personalized flower essence blend for the emotional aspects of what you’re going through

• Suggestions for herbs, sleep solutions and relaxation practices

This package consists of as many levels of care as you need and is customized to your individual situation. Recommended herbs and supplements are purchased separately.

“There are so many emotions behind watching a loved one in decline. It was taking a toll on every part of my body. I wasn’t sleeping, eating foods while standing up going through papers, trying to cheer up my loved one, while forgetting about me.  I appreciated having Wendy set up easy steps to follow and revitalize my spirit.  A few tips even helped my mother, much to her surprise.”

– AE, Pennsylvania

“I heard about this program and decided it was for me because as a nurse I’m caring for people all the time. You form a bond listening to their stories. It wears you down, especially during the pandemic when a lot of my patients were not able to have family members visit.

I learned another side of health and well-being that I will carry with me forever.”


Let’s meet!

The beautiful thing about taking the step to schedule a consultation with me is that you’re making a commitment to yourself.  You’re saying, “hey, I’m worth a deeper look.”

There are always some simple ways to start on your wellness journey.  Over the last 20 years I’ve collected a whole lot of them. The plants and I, along with other modalities and my whole community of healers, are here for you. I look forward to talking with you soon.

My consultations are educational in nature and do not take the place of your primary care physician.
All clients must work with their physician regarding decreasing any medications in conjunction with improved health.