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Flower Essence Combination to Ease Into Retirement

Flower Essence Combination to Ease Into Retirement

Back in the winter of 2023 I started waking up every morning at 3:00 am.  I thought about making a flower essence combination to ease into retirement, but the date kept getting moved forward. I was going to retire...

How The Plants Speak To Me

I could write a book about the many times plants have spoken to me, but recently I had yet another reminder of how the Universe and plants get my attention and nudge me along.  I had lost track of the number of draft...

Wendy Warner

Being sick for 18 years changed her life and now Wendy passionately shares about and the power of plants. With a deeply holistic, intuitive approach and decades of experience as a clinical herbalist, Wendy is a delightful story-teller and trusted guide on your journey to vibrant health.

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