When The Flower Essences Tell You to Move Forward

June flower essence blog postWhat is a flower essence and how does it tell you to move forward?  Well that is a great question.  A lot of people get flower essences confused with essential oils/aromatherapy.  I see them as opposite ends of the herbal medicine spectrum.  Essential oils are made by distilling down a lot of flowers into a concentrated oil.  I’m not really drawn to essential oils.

However, I’m passionate about flower essences.

Flower essences are for the emotional aspects of what’s upsetting you.  In today’s world that can be so many things!!  We are all unique vibrational energy systems and each flower has a unique vibrational frequency that helps us with our emotional states.  Most of my clients call their custom flower essence formula “magic in a bottle.”

Since I’ve been working with flower essences for about 18 years, I’ve become very tuned into the flowers on a deep level.  I used to go by the description that comes with the particular flower essence or an intuitive hit,  but a very interesting situation came up that changed the course of my work.  I had the honor of helping someone clear their energy for a workshop we were attending.  We were to use a pendulum.  I had just started learning to use it for me, so to help someone else was a new experience.  She was not able to get the pendulum to move so our instructor asked me to help her clear her energy.  For me my pendulum swings forward and back for a yes, counter clockwise for a no, and clockwise for “well maybe yes, maybe now.”  I usually set those flower essences aside to see if needed in the formula or just a drop now.  In the case of this person the vibrational frequency of about 5 or 6 flower essences connected to the pendulum.  As we looked at them I realized there was a theme, but I knew the person and the theme didn’t make sense.  WOW, an underlying issue that made all the sense in the world to the person I was testing to clear her energy.  That’s when it hit me!  My business is all about the root cause of the issue, health problem, or whatever is disrupting a person’s flow.  Finding out what the flowers had to say and then reading the descriptions made a lot more sense.  And so a whole new aspect of my business bloomed.  Sometimes just in the form of the flower essence formula and sometimes the flower essences were added to a tincture.  After all, who do you know who has had a health problem without some underlying emotions?  No one I know!

So I decided to do monthly flower essence testings for me and blog about them.  I’m about two years from retiring from corporate America and my wellness business will then be my full-time adventure.  But what will that look like.  My “day job” is one of extreme structure and a lot of people come together at 100% for the highest good of our patients.  The question asked to me by two psychics years ago: “Wow I couldn’t work in that setting.  You seem really comfortable there after 40 years.  How will you bring that structure and teamwork to your wellness business?”

WOW such an amazing question I had never asked myself or even thought about.  I’ve thought about it off and on for years.  I have an idea but I have no understanding of how it will come about.

One thing I’ve learned through my life is that my job is to ask for my dream, get clear, get in alignment.  My job is not the how.  THE HOW IS THE JOB OF THE UNIVERSE.  Then I have to receive.  This has been a curiosity for me.  Receive what?  How about clues.  Yes I can receive clues and act on them.  So much has come of this insight.

Getting back to how the flower essences tell you to move forward?

The beginning of June I sat with my 80+ flower essence bottles and told them my intention.  I asked for the next step.  What is out of alignment that needs to shift so I can move forward in some unknown direction.  The answer was not only stunning but brought me back to what those two psychics asked me years ago.

The two flower essences that said “Yes We Would Like To Help Shift Your Vibrational Frequency Forward” were:

Essence of Perelandra (from Perelandra, Ltd, in Virginia):  On the label it reads:
**Provides a unique balance that adds strength, stability, and support.”

Well yes!  Not only does the structure of my “day job” have built in strength, stability, and support, but I sure would need this in moving my part-time wellness business to full-time.  How interesting is that!!

Pomegranate (from FES, California): summing up their detailed description
** Supports a joyful expression of creativity in my work at home and my business
** Shifting me from confusion about my focus and direction
** Promotes conscious alignment so I can see more clearly my direction and stay connected

Well blow me over with that description.  I would never have picked those two flower essences out of my collection if I were to mentally try to figure it out, but “spot on” is what I say to the above.

Then I look across my table and there is Danielle LaPorte’s #TRUTHBOMB card:

leave room for mystery

All the hair on my arms stood on end and a chill went through my body.  Okay, step 1 and I’m on my way!!

Stay tuned for more of my adventure and hopefully you will fall in love with flower essences like I did.

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