Pre & Post Surgery

Support to heal faster…and better

This program exists because of a surgery I went through.  Even as a person who works in healthcare supporting surgeons, it was terrifying to be given news that I needed surgery myself.

It was a pretty big deal, so well ahead of time I collaborated with a fellow herbalist/nutritionist on a series of pre-surgery steps along with a post-op recovery plan. This turned out to be a huge boost for my healing that even got the attention of my doctors.

Working for surgeons, I know how difficult pain can be for patients and the many challenges of pain medications.  I decided I would use little to no pain medicine and resolved that there had to be another way. I’d recently become a huge fan of Quantum Touch energy medicine, so I decided that would be something I’d try.

Then, by luck I heard a podcast with sound healing musician, Jonathan Goldman.  The idea of high vibrational sounds for healing was exciting to me and I immediately ordered some of his CD’s.  They arrived just days before my surgery and I started listening to them every night, then decided to take them with me to the hospital.

As soon as I was back in my room after surgery. I tuned into my favorite track and instantly felt how supportive it was.  It also helped that HGTV was broadcasting their Home of the Year show and it happened to be in Stowe, Vermont, a place I had loved, skied at, and lived near.  I showered my mind with cheerful and loving memories while resting. More levels of support! The painful sensations from the surgery were like a tight, constricted feeling. Each time I felt a twinge of pain, I started running Quantum Touch energy medicine to the incision and the pain would dissipate, the feeling of constriction relaxed and I felt a flow of energy as the pain melted away.  

My surgeon almost fell off his chair!

Once I was home, along with the sound healing music and energy medicine, I also had herbs, flower essences, nutrition, and supplements for physical, emotional and energetic support.

The surgical site was healing well, but I didn’t know this because I couldn’t see it under the bandages. When I went for my followup visit 10 days later, my surgeon almost fell of his chair with surprise. He hadn’t expected to see so much healing in such a short period of time. And of course, I was thrilled to see the results I’d been feeling from the inside.

Months later, it occurred to me that what made my experience so much better would help others as well, so I designed this program for anyone preparing and recovering from surgery of any kind. The body is amazing in its ability to heal, we just need some extra support sometimes.

Surgery is a trying time.
I’m glad I had so many kinds of support in my healing, and you will be too!

What you’ll get:

This PRE and POST SURGERY SUPPORT package includes:

• Initial intake Discovery Session to review your current health and details of your upcoming surgery

• A customized plan that’s respectful of the protocols, medications, and treatments given by your doctors

• Suggestions for ways to strengthen and prepare your body

• Nourishing soup recipes

• Understanding about why herbs and certain supplements must be stopped 5-7 days before and after surgery/treatments

• Supportive herbs with instructions about when and how to use them safely

• Sound healing music suggestions

• Flower essences for the emotional aspects of having surgery (I’ve never seen a physical illness or injury without emotions attached to it)

• A Quantum Touch energy healing session with me before and after your surgery (given remotely)

• One or more sessions with me as you continue to heal

• Other supportive modalities depending on your customized plan

This is an extremely customized program so price will vary. Recommended herbs and supplements are purchased separately.

Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.  –  Joshua J. Marine

Let’s meet!

The beautiful thing about taking the step to schedule a consultation with me is that you’re making a commitment to yourself.  You’re saying, “hey, I’m worth a deeper look.”

There are always some simple ways to start on your wellness journey.  Over the last 20 years I’ve collected a whole lot of them. The plants and I, along with other modalities and my whole community of healers, are here for you. I look forward to talking with you soon.

My consultations are educational in nature and do not take the place of your primary care physician.
All clients must work with their physician regarding decreasing any medications in conjunction with improved health.

“I had to have some skin cancer removed from my arm.  My doctor was concerned that the incision was very puffy and red.  One night I had a session with Wendy and she sent some Quantum Touch healing energy to the area that looked the worst.  At the end of an hour a little trickle of blood ran out of the incision. The next morning the incision was no longer red and had flattened out.  I had Wendy work on the other area.  The same thing happened.

The next morning the entire incision was no longer red and was flattened out.  A few weeks later I had another session.  After a week something was pulling on my shirt.  I looked at the incision and a stitch was trying to come out.  I pulled on it and that was it.  From there it finished healing and my dermatologist was very impressed.”

– LAW, Pennsylvania