Wow Yoga Nidra, I Had No Idea

         About 2012 my neurologist suggested that I try yoga. I should work on slowing down my mind and relaxing more. I have always been very active and yoga sounded like the most boring form of exercise ever. Especially that final resting pose. I’m sure I’d just fall asleep. Besides I pictured yoga as standing on one leg, twisted around in different directions, and would certainly require far more balance than I’ve ever had.

         Then the pandemic hit. All my favorite workout places had to temporarily close down. Yes finally Zoom exercise happened. One of my exercise passes through work included an option to try a lot of different exercises from the comfort of your living room. There is was ~ four different yoga classes. Hummmmm Okay I’ll give it a whirl.

         Can I just say that as an essential worker I couldn’t wait to get home and try another one. Next thing my apartment building had a free class Saturday mornings. I couldn’t seem to get away from yoga. It slowly grew on me but I didn’t realize that I was developing more balance and strength. Mindfulness yoga turned out to be a favorite. Yes it was very calming to my mind. I ended up following that yoga instructor to the studio.

         One day she said there is going to be a Yoga Nidra class the 4 Wednesdays in December. You should sign up. You’d love it. Hummmm, Yoga Nidra, what the heck is that? I’ll be honest with you, I still can’t really explain it. But that outcome was amazing.

         Yoga Nidra, as described on the handout we received, is the ART of remaining AWAKE while the BODY falls deeply asleep. It supports your journey of healing, rest, and inner peace. You anchor in an intention. Having no idea how profoundly powerful it would be (why didn’t I pick all fat cells disappear??), I picked my intentions as: focus and clarity.

         So we started out with an introduction, then next thing we were laying on a yoga mat under a comfy blanket, while he started reading something that I really don’t remember because I fell asleep. Upon waking maybe 40 minutes later I felt like ~ odd, great nap, I don’t think anything happened. I went about my week not noticing the powerful transformation that was slowly happening. I can say lots of things just magically came together, easily and effortlessly, I just didn’t attribute it to the Yoga Nidra.

         Second week I went back to the studio and the same thing happened again. I couldn’t remember anything he read but I had a great nap. However, that week I started to notice that the level of peace, clarity, and effortless ease was non-stop. I mentioned it in the next class and asked if it was related. To which I think he just ask me more questions.

         Same nap during week three class. Now I’m really paying attention. There was absolutely no coincidence. There were too many examples of effortless ease no matter what was happening in my life. After the fourth class I was sad it ended.

         This must have been the type of yoga my neurologist was talking about. A true meditative state for me. And instead of boring it was like getting out of my own way and downloading all sorts of solutions with effortless ease every day. While the four weeks are over I can say the outcome has not stopped.

         If you’ve ever experienced Yoga Nidra, there is way more to it than what I mentioned, and you have any experiences, insights, or explanations please comment. If you haven’t experienced this rather odd type of yoga, no experience needed, check it out. It appears to be a game-changer for well-being.

         Peace during a pandemic.  Who would have guessed.

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