Relaxing and Reflecting From a Retreat

I spent the beginning of May at a wonderful retreat in the country where I did some reflecting on my progress the first quarter of 2018.

I’m doing a lot of celebrating this year as August will mark my 20th anniversary of moving from New Hampshire to Colorado, and working in an amazing retreat setting that was total paradise.  I started January – March 2018 fine tuning my wellness plan, making small changes that built on each other.  Along the way I shed 4 pounds and really started feeling better.  (I say “shed” because what we “lose” we tend to re-find.  Subtle but subconsciously part of my battle.)

HOWEVER, if you’ve been following my Facebook or Instagram pages you’ll know I cranked it up a notch in April with my 28-Day Be Healthy Program.  In one month I shed 5 pounds, gained .5 pound of muscle mass, and shed 2% body fat.  If you’re a woman over 50-52+ years of age you’ll know that is significant!

In your 20’s and early 30’s it’s easy to do a 30-day challenge and lose 10 pounds.  However, once you reach age 35 you slowly start losing muscle mass.  Muscle burns the fat.  It’s all about health for me.

In your 40’s all the quick fixes start adding up to an unhappy body, mind, and spirit, but we are still in denial.  At this point you may step on a scale and appear to have “lost weight” but it may actually be critically important muscle loss.

WELCOME TO THE 50’s (not the 1950’s)

Doctors are now studying people in 3 sets of decades:

80-90-100’s (seriously!!)

Having done all the quick fixes in the first group of decades, and having survived the 50’s, I can say with the 60’s comes  wise woman wisdom.

Which is why I’ve been putting together my one year plan and finally realizing that working with my body on all levels (body, mind, spirit, energetic, even your environment) not only reconnects you to the wisdom that has lived inside of you all along, but you actually see results – not necessarily in a week but in a steady, consistent pattern that feels very empowering.

Dogwood flowers at MV While at the “retreat,” I stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast in the country.  Yes, “fresh country air,” cows mooing, flowering trees, and birds singing are very refreshing.  But what I really enjoyed the most were the friendships I have developed there with people in the 80-90-100’s.  Their stories are priceless and they lived a lot of their lives in a time when the food was so much more nutritious, sometimes working the farms, spending long hours cooking and nourishing their families, and having a strong baseline constitution.  Some of them are much healthier than so many people I see in my age bracket of the 50-60-70’s.

I just heard that due to all the inflammation, chronic degenerative diseases, autoimmune diseases, all those chronic health problems, etc, we have been dealing with for decades, generations coming behind me are not expected to live into these later years.

So I’m refocusing my business on women in their 50-60-70’s because by the time we get to our 50’s it is very clear what used to work will no longer be an option.  But I believe we still have time to reset ourselves to live happy and healthy lives, it just takes some slow, steady shifts.  We want to make sure we have built and maintained our strength, balance, and flexibility on all levels as we move into those later decades.  Frailty is a big issue as we age.

Why women?  Because 98% of my clients are women.  We are the caregivers.  We set the example for ourselves first and our family follows our lead.  We cannot lead from an empty cup.  We must lead from an overflowing cup.  My passion is assisting women in becoming all that they came here to be.  All while enjoying happy, healthy, and passionate lives, fulfilling their soul purpose with more energy to spare.

For me, the rest of May will be for reorganizing and shedding the last couple pounds.  I’ll undoubtedly haul out another 6 boxes of things that no longer serve me or are out of alignment with where I’m headed.

I’m super excited to roll out my Summer Slim Down program for June, July, and August that will be for the donation of the final 10-12 pounds (remember I like to use words  other than lose), all while building muscle.  I’ll also be slimming down all items that I no longer need and that would benefit others.  It will be a realigning and refocusing of me in the direction I’m heading.

You are more than welcome to come along and join my health party (in that case send me a private message and we can talk more about your goals), or just check in every so often and inspire yourself.

More to follow as June 1st is fast approaching!!  Do you believe it?!!  What were your goals for the year January 1, 2018?

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