Aligning to the Planet and the Magic of Flower Essences

I’ve been doing a lot of release work lately.  Releasing beliefs that no longer serve me.  Last night was a big session.  I woke up this morning feeling restless.  I’m very energy sensitive, but it took me a few hours to realize that this restlessness was energy shifting and getting ready to move out of my body.  It wasn’t until the energy gathered in my throat chakra that I realized what was going on.

I reached for my pendulum in order to connect with a flower essence to assist the process. My pendulum moves forward/back when it connects with a flower essence I need, and in a circle clockwise when it’s a no.   Since I have over 80 flower essences it is the easiest way to connect my with to pick the perfect combination.  Today, though, there was only one flower essence that wanted to assist.  It was powerful but gentle, and I never would have guessed it by reading the description.  However, just 4 drops in a liter of water and the energy stuck in my throat chokra not only dispersed, but a great sense of peace came over me.  I think it only took sipping half the liter over about 30 minutes before I realized the shift.

And the flower essence was by Perelandra.  I’ll add the description, as I think it’s fun to read what my inner voice was trying to tell me by connecting with Nature.

SOBOPLA “Balances and stabilizes the triangle created by the relationship and interaction between the soul, its physical body, and the planet upon which the body resides.  As a result, the soul, body, and planet become one strong, fully functioning triangular unit.  Also balances and stabilizes the physical seating of the body/soul unit to the planet.”

That is the coolest description.  Thank you Perelandra!!

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