Flower Essences: The Power to Unlock Stagnation

Flower essences are a gentle vibrational herbal medicine.  The flower is the highest vital expression of the plant.  Each flower has a vibrational frequency that connects to us on a deep level.  Flower essences are one of my deepest passions in herbal medicine and many of my clients call their flower essence formula “magic in a bottle” or “emotional rescue.”  Flower essences connect to our emotional state. They  seem to know us better than we know ourselves.  Each flower that steps up to help has a story to tell us about ourselves.  Most of the time a story it’s time to release.  

The release is usually subtle.  Sometimes you don’t even realize it happened.  Life is just moving forward, the problem resolves itself, the relationship just got deeper, or what you were hanging onto now has clarity and a clearer decision gets easier.

While this is a simplistic explanation of how they work, I really want to share a story about 3 flower essences that helped me unlock a 19 year stagnant storage unit with ease and grace!  Why it took so long to sit down with my 80+ collection of flower essences and ask the big question I have no idea.  Perhaps it was the planetary alignment going on at this time or perhaps I needed the distance to appreciate the clarity.

I pulled out my flower essences and started talking to them like they are my best friends —  well sometimes they are!!  I told them about the storage unit, I couldn’t open the final boxes, I only stopped by a couple times a year, oh such a waste of money!

What would help me get rid of the storage unit?

After I set my intention I got out my magic crystal pendulum (more on that in another blog post).  As I touch each bottle my pendulum will swing forward and back for a “yes it wants to help” or counter clockwise for a “no I can’t help.”  It will swing clockwise for “well maybe yes or no, could be.”  I don’t read the descriptions before I ask the question.  I let the plants tell me what is going on.  My clients go wild watching my pendulum move.  But if that isn’t wow enough, when the theme is read to them they sometimes gasp.  “Oh wow I can’t believe that.  How did you know?”  Well I don’t, the flowers do.  It’s a vibrational connection.  I’m more of a facilitator.

So yes I was equally blown away when these 3 flower essences stepped up to tell me why I couldn’t move out all that stagnant energy in the storage unit and how these 3 flower essences were going to make the shift happen with ease and grace.

Yerba Santa = and not just any bottle but one I made on a field trip not too many years after I packed up my house back in New Hampshire.  The patterns of imbalance are for constricted feelings, particularly in the chest; internalized grief and melancholy, deeply repressed emotions.  Really, after all these years!  The positive qualities after the release of these emotions: free-flowing emotions, ability to harmonize breathing with feeling; capacity to express a full range of human emotion, especially pain and sadness.  This description is from FES (Flower Essence Services) who makes this flower essence.

Ambassador (description from the Perelandra Rose Essences) = Pattern.  Aids the individual in seeing the relationship of the part to the whole, in perceiving the pattern and purpose.

Bowl (description from the Perelandra Nature Program Essences) = Links humans and all other living organisms to the heart and soul impulses of the planet.  Also synchronizes the human / living organism with the heart and soul impulses of the planet and the universe, thus supporting the evolutionary process moving in tandem with the universe.

I put a certain number of drops of each essence, per my flower essences/pendulum’s instructions, into a bottle and started taking the number of drops my flower essences /pendulum told me to put in water.  It put the vibrational frequency of this formula in water that I drank maybe a couple days when all of a sudden magic happened and one weekend I woke up and said, “today is the day that storage unit is going.”  Literally nothing was going to stop me.  I ended up opening boxes and what I found was NOT ME ANYMORE.  I’d grown and evolved!  Wow I just don’t recognize the person who previously couldn’t let go.  I gave almost all of it away.  

What an amazing feeling.  Thank you Yerba Santa, free-flowing emotions of joy!!  Someone else will love them.  It’s time to move on.  As for Ambassador, the pattern in the relationship of the part to the whole was that each item helped me grow into the person I am today.  It served a purpose at one point, but not any more.  It wasn’t me.  And since everything is energy that old stale energy was holding me back.  Bowl is an interesting essence.  I’ve been getting the sign to clean out for years.  I think the energy of the planet right now is all about cleaning out and realigning.  If it doesn’t serve you, move it on.  Someone else is waiting for their own experience with it.  I really feel like I am aligning to the planet and the universe.

One day I couldn’t find the flower essence bottle.  That’s a sign.  I had realigned and it was no longer necessary to take it.  Even though I am still cleaning out and I’m on a roll.  The shift has already happened.  I have a 12 month plan to realign everything that is now left in my apartment with the new me.  

Just who is the new me and where am I headed?  Stay tuned for more at
Be Vibrant!!
Wellness shows up on more than just the physical level.
It always starts deep inside.

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