Are You Making Yourself a Priority?

A few years back I went to a conference in Denver.  The hotel room had a great sign on the door handle, “I need some ME time.”  I thought that was the best reminder ever.  We all have very busy lives, but at some point we need to recharge our Inner Buzz.  I decided to start taking 15-30 minutes every day just for me.  At that time in my life I had to schedule that into my calendar, as my passion is helping everyone else.  It occurred to me that to get full benefit of my time I needed to be out in Nature.  That would put my ME time in my favorite location.   You might think that’s a bit difficult living in a city, but it’s as close as either of my balconies.  The South side of my building listens to the hustle and bustle of downtown Salt Lake City.  However, I live on the North side and I look into a magical, Secret Garden of sorts, a three-story, terraced ivy and tree garden complete with  bird sanctuary.  I receive all sorts of insights from the Nature Spirits in my secret garden.  But if I need a change of Nature, I have at least six other favorite spots within 5 minutes of my apartment. 

Well that 15-30 minutes has turned into an hour walk followed by meditation or journal time by some favorite trees and/or City Creek, and, of course, petting dogs along the way.   That little ME time turned into a lot of exercise (I walked off 24 pounds last year), a lot of mental refreshment, a lot of insights, and a total revamp of my life and my business.

Making yourself a priority is so important I’ll go so far as to say it’s downright life changing.   Give it a try for the next 21 days (they say that’s what it takes to set a new habit).  Are you up for some life changing activity?  You are so worth it!!!  Keep me posted.

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