What does it mean to Be Vibrant?

Definition of Vibrant
1) Pulsing and throbbing with energy or activity
2) Vigorous, lively, and vital
3) Produced as a result of vibration, resonant or resounding
4) Relatively high on the scale of brightness

When was the last time you felt like any of those definitions? Instead so many times we are  stressed, worried, in pain, exhausted, suffering with allergies or digestive problems, not to mention the many disease labels out there.

At Be Vibrant, I am always searching for ways to improve my vitality to help myself and my clients. The body has many basic needs, not to mention the extra attention that is so critically important to deal with all the stressors we function in and around. Think of all those symptoms you are suppressing as the body’s way of trying to communicate it’s needs. When was the last time you had a beautiful relationship with YOU, really listened, and really made YOU the #1 priority YOU deserve? With your glass half empty or less, it’s nearly impossible to not only help yourself but anyone around you. Take control of your health today ~ it is truly your best asset.

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Wendy Warner

Being sick for 18 years changed her life and now Wendy passionately shares about and the power of plants. With a deeply holistic, intuitive approach and decades of experience as a clinical herbalist, Wendy is a delightful story-teller and trusted guide on your journey to vibrant health.

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