The Emotions of Storage

Oh the emotions of storage!  It doesn’t matter if your stuff is stored in the attic, the basement, the garage, closets, or the dreaded – STORAGE UNIT!  What’s in those boxes anyway?!

Memories       Hopes and Dreams
Expectations (met or unmet)     
Disappointments      Missed opportunities       OR

How about maybe you’ve evolved and
why are you keeping that stuff?

Today, August 8th, 2017, was a profound day for me.  It was the 19th anniversary of the start of packing up my life, or what was left of it at that time.  Little did I know that a year from this date I would have my stuff and my car on a moving van headed to Colorado, and I would be boarding a bus to Logan Airport in Boston to move to Colorado.  This alone was a 30 year dream I was beginning to think would never be realized.  While I was nervous about the good life I was leaving behind, every door in New Hampshire was closing and, of the five places I was considering moving to, all the doors in Colorado opened simultaneously.  That’s a huge sign!

It never occurred to me last month, before I turned in the key on the final storage unit, that what was left in those boxes was officially – NOT ME ANYMORE!  “Really,” as I opened one box at a time, “I’m paying good hard earned money to not deal with these emotions?”  A friend asked, “How did you find the courage?”  Yes there was officially something in that storage unit representing each decade of my life.  I feel like I’ve lived FIVE DIFFERENT LIFETIMES.  I don’t recognize any of these people that were me.  But it’s okay as I’ve grown and evolved into the person I am today because of all of those experiences.

When I got to Colorado almost the entire 10 x 20 storage unit remained intact.  I decided as each new situation came up I would handle it differently.  If I missed the old way, then it was really me.  If not, it was someone else.  When I think back on that first year it was one of continuous change.  Curious because for most of my wellness clients just making one change is difficult.  I still don’t know how I made so many changes at once.

I was on a mission to recreate myself and I loved it!  The timing was so right on!

Today it’s also interesting that the same feeling of recreating myself again is very strong.  Somehow emptying that storage unit opened up space for all new energy, ideas, and dreams to surface.  The month of August I’ve been on a “28-day detox your life program.”  Where did that come from?  The last two days of astrology blurbs on the internet are telling me that the energy of the planet is behind this realignment.

For now I’m putting out the refreshing feeling of moving out old stale energy and emotions that no longer serve me.  Next up will be the flower essences that helped shift the energy and emotions, and clear out that storage unit with ease.  I still have about 26 items left that have curiosity and I’ve decided to honor them further and move out 2-3 a month over the next year.

So it looks like another year of evolving and changing.  Let the path flow out in front of me as I show my gratitude and appreciation for all I’ve learned and become.

Looking forward to finding out what shows up next here at Be Vibrant!!
It will definitely be all about vibrant health!

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