Rituals and Deep Sleep Lead to Clarity and Insights

What does two weeks of really great sleep get you?  Wow I feel so refreshed!  

Clarity and Insights

I added in wonderful rituals to make it a beautiful slow down and
an honoring of myself.

I was staying up way too late ~ just long enough to get that second wind.  I had to work backwards from the time I wanted to be soundly asleep.  Since I like to get up around 5:30 am or 6:00 am, I was looking at what it would take to be asleep by 9:30 pm or 10:00 pm.  My first aHa was that I am doing way too much.  Nothing like a stressful day job and coming home to more stress, especially when I appeared to be creating it. 

So first thing I decided was to get a more done during the weekend to free up my week nights.  Coming home is now like walking into my own sacred space.

One of my favorite things I do at night is to burn sage as a smudge (see picture) for me and my apartment.  Sage is an herb that clears negative energy.  It’s my way of leaving any negative energy behind and welcoming me home to my sacred space.  Sage is so calming and grounding, and brings me into the present.  I light the end and then blow it out so it’s just smoking a little ~ not enough to set off the smoke alarms (really important in an apartment building).  Then I run the sage along my energy field (front/back/along arms and legs/around my head) as well as taking it through my apartment.  I love the smell so much!  This has turned into a ritual that sets the tone for my evening.  It signals my brain to start slowing down and connect to the energy of my wellness community that I’m creating.

Let’s just see how that played out over the past two weeks.

I’ve been observing that I get a second wind at about 10:15pm.  If I’ve been winding down and in bed before then, no problem.  However, if I get on a roll and 10:15pm arrives I now have a second wind that will take me at least another hour before my brain starts to shut down.  That means I’m not asleep until 11:30 pm.  OUCH!  Total exhaustion the next day and dragging out of bed.

So my evening ritual is to work backwards for my plan and this is what I created:

8:30 pm   everything ready for the next day

9:00 pm   take a Pure Rest – Melatonin from USANA Health Sciences ~ I’m in love with this product.  Let me know if you want a discount at bevibrantproduct.usana.com !

9:15 pm   to bed with sound healing music while writing a few pages in my journal about what I’m creating

9:30 pm   about this time I’m falling asleep so lights out and dreaming about what I’m creating at my wellness center

I usually wake up 15-20 minutes before my alarm goes off having had the deepest, most peaceful sleep, and I awaken to an aHa moment that I will ponder while I’m waking up. 

I feel so rested and refreshed.  

Each night if something comes up I think I have to do I ask myself, “Is this honoring my rest and rejuvenation?”  If the answer is no – I let go of it.  If it is that important I find another place to schedule it so I can honor my time and nourish my soul.

If you are interested in setting up a sleep program let me know.  This is just one example.  I’ll add on and share what I do as May will be about self-care and rejuvenation.

What’s in your wellness plan?

Here at Be Vibrant we are all about soothing, relaxing, and rejuvenating at wendywarner.com

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