Colon cancer

Oh POOP – The Great Colonoscopy Story

Oh POOP – The Great Colonoscopy Story

March was colon cancer awareness month.  However, this great blog post never got published.  I thought maybe it was to be more aligned with Spring cleaning.  But then it hit me . . . this is the fifth...

March is Colon Health Awareness Month

Colon health is near and dear to my family.  Having lost three family members to colon cancer, you'd think I would stop procrastinating and get that colonoscopy.  I put it off for 6 years.  After hearing all the prep...

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Being sick for 18 years changed her life and now Wendy passionately shares about and the power of plants. With a deeply holistic, intuitive approach and decades of experience as a clinical herbalist, Wendy is a delightful story-teller and trusted guide on your journey to vibrant health.

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