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Insights from the Wellness Coaching Package
I found Wendy via the internet during a time of life where I just had a set back and was feeling stuck. Wendy has gone above and beyond with her time and resources to help me finally overcome my block. Wendy has a gift of not only her craft but also with a her genuine desire to help people. I cannot thank Wendy enough for her willingness to take me on during a down time in my life. She has been a tremendous help in keeping me accountable, being my cheerleader and ultimately helping me achieve my goals. I have just recently started to see some positive things starting to fall into place and I am so grateful for Wendy helping me get there. I cannot thank Wendy enough for making a difference in my life! I consider her a mentor and friend and am so grateful for her in my life!!

- HH, Salt Lake City, UT

Flower Essence for Stressful Times
I think my flower essence formula was a lifesaver for me. It was amazing that it was just what I needed before the situation even presented! Truly amazing! It helped me deal with a lot of stress this past two weeks!!!

- BC from BC, Canada

Flower Essences Brings Clarity
The custom flower essence combination has made a difference. I believe they were the turning point that gave me the clarity to do the things that are good for me. More energy, more periods of happiness rather than depression, exercising, and taking better care of myself. I also realized that I need to be around people more. Now I'm ready for another one!

- DB in Florida

General well being
I have never been a big believer in herbal remedies-I haven't believed in any sort of remedy at all. I saw Wendy at a time in my life when things were really hard. She spent a great deal of time with me and gave me some wonderful tea. I am very energetic and I have difficulty settling down to sleep at night. The tea works wonders. I absolutely love it.

In addition, I asked Wendy to help me with general well being. She made me some kefir. It is wonderful. It actually decreased my appetite and helped me sleep at night. I felt like the food I was eating was actually absorbing better. I felt better immediately.

Wendy is a fantastic listener as well as a great herbalist. I would recommend her to any of my friends or family. Thanks Wendy for helping me see an alternative to Western medicine.

- LL, Salt Lake City, Utah

Stuck emotions
Wendy listened to and interpreted my responses to her questions. She then applied her knowledge of herbals to create flower essences that moved me through my stuck emotional state. Her flower essences continue to support me as I grow and follow my path.

- Ginny W., Boulder, Colorado

Insomnia and more
I was having problems sleeping and Wendy offered to help me. I was not too sure that anyone could help me. I really wanted a quick fix ... Well with Wendy that is not possible. Wendy is sooo thorough. My initial appointment with her was very detailed regarding my life and lifestyle. I could not understand what any of that had to do with my lack of sleeping. Wendy explained we would peel away at the "onion layers" of problems that I did not realize I was having. Wendy not only helped me within 2 weeks with my lack of sleeping, but over the course of a year she also helped with my cholesterol problem, digestive problems, and emotional well being. Wendy taught me that there is no such thing as a "quick fix" if you want long-lasting results. Wendy is the best!

- "V", Colorado

Digestive trouble
I saw Wendy for some annoying digestive problems. She made me a tea and some wonderful coconut probiotic kefir. Not only were they yummy but they calmed down my crazy belly.

- Edith, WP, Colorado

Quick recovery
I'm not much for surgery or prescription medicine, but when the pain became too great, a total hip replacement was my only option. Wendy provided me with an herbal pain formula so that I could avoid narcotic medication. It worked amazingly well! She also explained the importance of building myself up nutritionally and sent me a recipe for nourishing soup, complete with building herbs.....and it tasted great! I was able to protect my liver prior to surgery with an herbal formula and flower essences for the emotions that I was going through at the time. I also took a delicious mixture to assist my digestive tract in recovering from the antibiotics I was placed on at the time of surgery. I must admit I didn't want to be on Coumadin during and after surgery, but Wendy helped me understand the importance of following my surgeon's directions and not taking any other herbs or blood-thinning agents while on the Coumadin. And thanks in part to Wendy, I sailed through surgery with a quick recovery, and was back to work in a few weeks. And I was skiing six months later (please don't tell my surgeon!).

- John M., Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM

Traumatic Times
We just had been through some traumatic times in our home with our owner's marriage breaking up. After a couple of moves the stress became unbearable. We started going to the bathroom inside the house. Our owner, thinking we had urinary tract infections, took us to the vet. The vet said we didn't have a problem. But we most certainly did.

Wendy somehow knew what we were feeling and made a special flower essence combination for our transition, hopelessness, and emotional stress. Each morning we'd watch our owner get us a fresh bowl of water and add 4 drops of the essences. We didn't know what was coming from that bottle, but within a couple days we stopped going to the bathroom inside and were feeling much more at peace in our new home. We knew that whatever was in that bottle made us feel better. One day I couldn't stand it any more and I stuck my tongue out under the dropper to catch the drops. Boy did that make our owner laugh. She likes her custom blend as well. We're doing really well now!

- Mindy and Clover
As told by their owner
Longmont, Colorado

Clearer skin and bonuses
I've heard a lot about diet and the skin, but I wasn't ready to deal with the food issues. Wendy very compassionately looked at my entire case, gave me a list of many different things we could work on, and asked me what one thing I wanted to work on first. That wasn't so hard, I picked two! Over a period of six months I worked on my digestion with herbs, made one or two additions to what I was eating at a time, and used other herbs for different systems of the body that have an affect on the skin. I also worked with some flower essences over the emotional issues that came up over the food I ate. I didn't realize how emotionally charged the food subject really is. In the long run my skin cleared up nicely, I started enjoying many new foods, I even lost some weight, but strangely enough and without even thinking about it, I gave up a few foods that were not in the best interest of my body or my skin. Now I have a radiant glow and am enjoying the botanical skin care as well. My skin is returning to a beautiful, soft, smooth glow.

- SH, Salt Lake City, Utah

Getting past fear
I had a real vision for my future but a lot of fear was holding me back. Thanks to a series of flower essence combinations I've been able to face those fears and realize they were blocks holding me back. Now I'm able to travel around the US and present my business with a belief in my business as well as myself. My business is moving forward and I feel really positive for the first time in forever.

- Mark M., Vail, Colorado

Panic attacks
I had panic attacks just thinking about going to the vet. I was a mass of claws and teeth. I growled so loudly the vet couldn't even hear my heart with a stethoscope. Wendy suggested a flower essence combination for a week before I was scheduled for a visit. By the time of my appointment I couldn't even get up a good growl. The vet couldn't believe I was a changed cat. Oh dear . . . I had a heart murmur that no one had ever been able to hear. Guess it's good I got a grip and for the first time no blood was spilled!

- Tasso As told by his owner New Orleans, Louisiana

Less stressed and empowered
I have been working with Wendy on general well being for just over a year. It started with my inability to get a good night's sleep. Some nights 5 hours and other nights more tossing and turning. During the day I drank a lot of coffee and ate a lot of junk food to keep going. It seemed like a vicious cycle.

Wendy gave me a couple of handouts that helped me understand how this process was draining me on so many levels. I started out substituting a nourishing herbal tea for my afternoon coffee, more nutritious snacks at work, and really good nutritional supplements. After a month I realized my coffee consumption was way down.

I also worked with an herbal sleep formula with flower essences included for all the thoughts and emotions that came up at night. By the time a couple months rolled around it occurred to me that stress at work and home was also a big factor. I made a list of all the problems that I needed to deal with because I now felt like I finally had some energy to deal with them productively.

Now that my stress level is down I've been working out and learning about how my lifestyle choices has affected my weight. Feeling more rested and with increased energy I then felt the need to start working out again and going hiking with friends. As I take small steps and see progress I find that the next issue I need to address surfaces. I know I can always call Wendy for my next step and she works with me at my pace. It feels like I'm peeling back one layer after another that no longer serves me. I can't wait to find out what's next. I must say, a more empowered me is really emerging!

- BB, Park City, Utah

Threat of Diabetes
Type II Diabetes runs in my family. When I was told I was pre-diabetic I started looking for someone who could help me take a different approach. I have a very manageable plan addressing my health from three different directions. I like staying in touch with Wendy on a monthly basis. She emails me health tips every couple of weeks and it reminds me if I'm slipping to get back on track.

She has also offered many excellent books for me to read to get as much information as possible on how I can take charge of my health. My doctor is taking notice as I have more energy, my weight has come down, and my lab work is much closer to normal. I now realize we take our health for granted until it's almost too late. I feel like I'm now able to take some self-responsibility and make a positive change in my life. Life is all about choices!

- CH, Salt Lake City, Utah

Sore Throats
When I was sick for a third time this summer, I found out about Wendy Warner's Herbal remedies. Wendy found the perfect herbal remedy for my symtums. I now take the remedy every time I have a soar throught or stuffy nose. Thank You.

– Wes, age 11, SLC, UT

Skin Lupus
Thirteen years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, discoid (skin) lupus. I received advice from a holistic MD concerning certain foods and supplements. We soon learned that I had multiple food allergies and a parasite, and the treatments and recommendations were of some help. However, in spite of trying various complementary approaches over the course of 12 years to address the skin outbreaks and the underlying digestive and immune problems, I still had unpredictable skin lesions and digestive imbalance.

The only time that my skin reactivity disappeared completely was 1.5 years ago after I started taking the coconut-milk kefir that Wendy suggested. It felt like a miracle. This past summer when I was travelling extensively, I did not take the kefir for about 3 months. Soon after my return, my nose skin lesions were the worst I can remember. Sadly, I thought: "I guess this Christmas, I will be JB, the red-nosed reindeer." As soon as I started taking the kefir again, my skin calmed down significantly. I am very, very grateful to Wendy for her careful and caring and knowledgeable treatment.
Thank You.

– JB

German Doctor's Digestive Trouble Dissappeared
Having trouble with bowel pain and digestion a couple of times per year over the last 6 years without pursuing possible reasons - despite being a physician. I met Wendy in Salt Lake City. Only having prejudices concerning homeopathy, I gave Wendy's offers of herbal and vitamin treatment a try. We found out, discussing a lot, that I suffered from a sub-type of dairy allergy, probably including only some proteins in milk products.
After 8 weeks of treatment I am much better. I now only use Wendy’s vitamin recommendations. I recognize a better feeling in general and absence of bowel pain or digestion problems since. I highly recommend Wendy as a consultant with a lot of knowledge in the medical and general health sector.
–  Dr. FZ, Munich, Germany

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